stalling after 1-2 miles
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    I have a 2007 with 1000miles on it. Problem just started 3 days ago and has happened 3 times. After taking off on a cold bike in 1-2 miles the bike just stalls. Takes 5-6 tries to get it started and seems to ride okay. it is in the shop now waiting a diagnosis on Tuesday. Any ideas?

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    Either spark is going away or fuel supply is. I'd check fuel first since that is free and easiest. When the bike quits, crack the float bowl drain screw and see if there is gas. Petcock all the way on. Vent in gas cap (though I'd expect the bike to run further before dying). Petcock filter stopped up. Rubber smiley in petcock messed up or full of crud. Crud in screen above needle valve.

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