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    I do not have much time to write but I was hoping someone has had this same problem before. A couple of weeks ago I was towing my bike and had the trailer flip. Anyway it smashed my handlebars down and messed up the components above the headlight. Anyway before I took everything off the handlebars and took the components off I was able to start the bike and all the lights worked, other than the speedometer and case being broken the bike seemed totally fine. I took everything off to change the handlebars and stuff that was broken. Now that I got stuff back together I have no lights the bike wont crank, nothing. Is it the ignition? How do I check that? Why would it work before taking things apart and not now? I appreciate all the help I can get. Trying to get her running for the beginning of moose season sept 1. Thanks for the help.

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    I would say to start with the basics,

    1) Battery -is it dead? are the connections clean and tight? Harnesses plugged in?

    2) Power to ignition switch? Fuse blown? wire in the wrong spot?

    3) Ground screw left loose? something common between ignition and headlight circuit?

    4) Still can't find her in....

    If you dont already have a manual downloaded, follow the link. There is a great flow chart that will take you thru the testing procedures. If you still can't find it, just e-mail me and we can go step by step still it runs like new! Remember, small steps lead to big finishes so dont tear into too much at once. Best of luck in your search, Chris.

    P.S. What year is your TW? '01 and newer needs the supplement manual as the electrical is different.
    2009 TW200, Jimbo shield, 47&55T rear with DID chain, Maxxis Ceros Rear, Kendra 270 front, extended swing arm, 1"Risers, Rear rack, Raised front fender, XOG GPS.

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    Kill switch will make the bike dead, did that get smashed and not put back together right?

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    Yea but the kill switch will allow the lights to come on. Mine wont. I will try the manual and flow chart. I dont really know where the fuses are but I will try that as well. Thanks for the help.

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