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    Hi everyone! Just wondering how much of a riser can I put on the bars before I have to start lengthening the cables. Does anyone think 2" will be an issue?

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    PowerMadd sells a 1.6" rise. It works without extensions and makes the bike a lot more comfortable. 2" should be possible, you just may need to re-route cables a little bit.

    (double check your bikes measurements with what the description says) https://www.denniskirk.com/powermadd...prd/595502.sku

    There are more expensive options that rise and tilt, but if you don't want to extend the cables I'll assume you are looking for the cheaper option.
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    I changed to ATV high bars, they are at least 2" higher and have a better pull back, I used the same bars on my V-Strom 1000, they help alot, the cables fit with some finesse.

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    2" Moose racing risers here, cable length not an issue, even with the handguards. Not sure you could go much more than 2 though.

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    I also have ATV bars. It was a bit tricky getting my throttle cables sorted out. The cable now run below the handlebar. They work fine but I had to get them just right for proper throttle return. Works great now and what a difference when standing up in the techy trails. The bars had a much thicker wall than the stock bars as well.

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    2-inch risers are good. Changing to wider bars at the same time is a no-go.

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    I love the taller wider bars, makes it more of a motorcycle than a toy.

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