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    Hi everyone! Does anyone run any of these spark plug inhanceres that are supost to have a much better spark and intern help in easier starts. I have done some reserch on the pulstar plug that acually replaces the original plug. Or the direct hit? Any first hand experience or opinions would be great help. To get one pulstar plug shipped to Canada for the TW is $40US I don't mind spending the money if It realy works. Thanks!!

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    Don't know if they provide easier starting but the link may or may not

    help in the decision making process. I was interested once but having

    purchased various spark plug gimicks over the years I've always gone

    back to OEM plugs. My 2 cents

    Click here

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    Like Babaganoush, I put the Directhit on the bike and the Ikat on my 64 VW. As is the review of others, I found both pieces of technology worthy additions. Fast starts and a smooth idle when cold are the norm. The Ikat on the VW was Great! Duel carbs and no choke on a cold morning sometimes made starting and warm-up a long process. The Ikat changed that. Started right up and I could get a steady, smooth idle down to 600rpm's. Gerry
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    Past directhits threads

    I did not notice a difference in my tw with the direct hits after about 500 miles.

    However it was terrible in my suzuki rv90. I had two identical non resistor plugs... Rode three hours with one and all was well. Put a virgin plug in with the direct hits the bike quit 10 min later. I could not get it started for the life of me. The new plug look pretty dark. I took the direct hits off and the dirty plug managed to start the bike.

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    Does anyone know if the company is still in business? The site that was listed was: and it appears that domain has been sold. I would like to try one of these units for my 2013. Thanks in advance.
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    They are hard to find.

    This is all I could dig up. They are in the land down under

    Fuel Economy Hiclone Pulstar Pulse Plugs High Performance Spark Plug KN Filters - How To Buy $34.90

    And there is one on ebay but it's in Argentina

    Directhits s 80 Ignition Enhancement Spark Amplifier System | eBay $59.99

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    I ran pulstar plugs in my car for a while (99 saturn) and I was quite underwhelmed. I got them after reading rave reviews how some guys small engine started way easier, used less fuel, ect.. The car never had problems staring on oem plugs, I just wanted to see how much I could up my mpg. In the end I didn't notice that much difference and I thought lost some bottom end with them. It's possible it had slightly more, and I mean slightly more, power at high rpms near wot. But realistically, how much time are you gonna spend at high rpms near wot in a car unless your like 16 or a nascar driver.. I now run oem plugs and the car is real happy with them. Probably one of the worser $100 purchases I've made. Newer cars have so many systems that continually adjust fuel, timing, air intake that it's a bit hard to get real, consistent results once you start messing with things.. Maybe a carbed engine would respond better and the lower voltage ignition systems on basic small engines could benefit, idk. Is it possible that some ppl are running an old plug that should have been changed long ago, decide to get a pulstar or other high end plug an "wow!!" it runs so much better? I don't plan on ever buying another set of fancy plugs but that's just my .02

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    I wonder if Mr.Gizmo's is still working, but the direct hits ignition enhancer crapped out on me after about a year.
    Bike was running really good in the beginning (placebo effect?) then Started to backfire and surge. Finally it died on me when I was riding some trails upstate. Funny thing was I thought it was bad gas/carb issues. As soon as I removed it the bike fired up and ran great.
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    spark plug gimicks,only as good as the ignition driving it .the newer iridium and platinum plugs are better because of hotter more concentrated spark which burns cleaner.most stock plugs can be made to run better just by running a slightly larger gap and indexing so gap faces intake valve.(old hot rodder trick)

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