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    1996 TW runs great. In Florida so "cold" start in morning is 65-70 degrees plus most days.

    Carb has been cleaned to excess a few months ago when I was getting it going after being stored for many years. Over 1200 miles on it since getting it going again.

    New jets and float valve at that time. Put some Sea Foam in at most fill ups.

    Bike starts easily with electric or kick start. So run it at 50 mph plus for 20 minutes or more and the idle speed increases.

    Shut it off and it is somewhat difficult to start via electric start. Needs to turn over a lot but finally starts.

    Use the kick start and it will start on one kick most of the time. Let it rest for awhile and idle returns to a slower much normal idle speed.

    No tach so cannot state the true idle speeds.

    Any ideas why the idle speed changes?

    Any thoughts on why it starts easier with a kick than with the electric starter?

    I know the ignition circuit is NOT dependent on the battery so the drain of using the starter should not be affecting it. Battery is only a few months old.

    Electric start turns it over just fine.

    After first start in morning, run it easy (30-40mph max) for a few miles and it will restart via the electric start almost instantly.

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    Tdub does the same thing. No idea why. Doesn't hurt anything.

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    sounds kinda like what my tdub did when it was brand new. after i changed to a #130 main jet and aftermarket exhaust it kinda smoothed it out a bit. after i shimmed the needle with two .020 shims the idle remained at much more of a constant idle. pretty much no noticable change when the bike has been running for 30 miles or 30 minutes. so i would try shimming the needle, start with one shim and move on up till you find that sweet spot.

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    Try checking the throttlecable freeplay. My XT350 and TW both had the same issue adjusting the cable did the trick on mine.

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