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    I noticed some oil leaking in my garage..and the level was low too. I cleaned up the area and let the bike sit the last week and there have been no drips in the garage. Took it around the block today and saw some visible oil in this area on the right hand side by the kick starter on top of the case..what could be the problem?

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    Blowing out the filler cap (replace 'o' ring) or breather hose split?

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    Let's hope it's that easy. If not, try re-torquing the cover bolts. I had a similar problem. It started as a seep, then became a full blown pressure leak. When I pulled the cover to see what the problem was the bolts weren't very tight, and a prior owner had allowed the gasket to sag when installing it, thus leaving it with minimal sealing area. Since the right hand cover houses the oil filter, there are oil galleys between the cover and case where the oil is under pressure. So, if the gasket isn't sealing well the oil will get out. I hope it's not too hard to find and fix.
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