Preserve inside of stored gas tank
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    Just bought a XT350 gas tank. Need some ideas of how to keep inside of stored gas tank from rusting.

    I plan to keep the TW200 tank for awhile in case I have any problems with the XT350 tank.

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    Coat it with oil, seal it up.

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    If its in a heated space you should have no problem

    If there is winter temperature cycling then water will accumulate in the tank from condensation as the tank breaths with every temperature change.

    I would take some oil/ and fogging oil and coat it evenly then if stored outside you either have to really seal it so it can't breath OR leave it open cap off maybe even petcock removed so any moisture that comes can also dry out as it heats up.

    If you totally anal there are the tank lining chemicals (por I think) that would leave it with a rubber liner which should prevent all the rusting.

    After considering this I say

    Leave it out open on a nice sunny day let her dry out

    Add the oil/fogging oil

    Put it in a good quality garbag bag any tie her off

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    Fogging oil.

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    Does walmart have it? I need to do that to my old blue tank.
    2008 TW200 with a super cool exhaust

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    corrosion-x or bullfrog corrosion inhibiters would be my pick for long term storage and then wraped in vci paper.


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    Not sure why, but I've been saving these plastic, desiccant filled, capsules that come in one of my meds.

    If I ever need to store my tank I think I'll rinse it out with IPA, dry it thoroughly, fog-oil it, then toss in a half dozen of those capsules & seal it up with plastic plugs & "Liquid Tape".

    Stephen S.

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    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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