electrical failure??
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    Hey guys, so i went out to fire up my TW for the weekly warm up and oil check (since it is too rainy to actually go ride) and with the turn of the key....nothing happened. I figured that the the battery may have gotten tired with the recent sub freezing weather. SO I put it on a trickle charge over night. the next day, still no power. SO I finally got time to look into it, I checked the 2 fuses behind the right side cover, and disconnected and re connected the wiring loom in between the 2 fuses. Then it worked fine??? I assume that dirt or something got in there and was keeping the connection from happening. I do not pressure wash the bike but I always hose it down and clean it after a mucky ride.

    Anyone else experience this?

    Isnt there some electrical spray or gel or something that helps connections stay clean and connected?

    Electrical is my weak point, I am anxiouse to begin that part of my Diesel Mechanics program at school.


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    Since electrical is your weak point this might not be a good idea but....

    The key switch has a 4 wire harness that has a red/w wire that should be +12 volts. It connects directly back to the battery.

    When the key switch is on it connects the 12 volts to the brown wire.

    No 12 volts on the brown wire = NO electrical action on the bike.

    The other 2 wires black and black/w short the CDI to ground when the switch is off.

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    Dielectric grease is what you could use. Make sure your connections are clean by using some electrical cleaner (comes in a spray can, usually stocked next to carb cleaner at the parts store), let it dry, and then put some dielectric grease into your connections. The grease looks like Vaseline when it comes out of the tube.
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    Hello Yamamont,

    I recommend DeoxIT as an electrical contact cleaner. It not only does a better job of cleaning electrical contacts than most parts store cleaners, but it also protects them from future corrosion as well. DeoxIT is available at electrical/electronics stores. Kind of pricey, but worth every penny.

    Dielectric grease is good for sealing connectors, but shouldn't be used on the electrical contacts. Dielectric grease is non-conductive and therefore does not enhance current flow.

    Good luck with your diesel program!

    See ya'


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