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    i had to buy a new ignition for my 05 tw200.. i am trying to re-key the helmet lock and gas cap.

    any step by step write ups or diagrams or info?

    i can rebuild a motor but cant seem to get to the pins out to re-key the locks. i can take them apart only so far. looks like a copper c clip of some kind is holding it in. i also tried using the original key to rotate the inner pin section to eject it, but no luck.

    any and all suggestions appreciated.


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    f..igured it out...

    the copper colored locking clip pushes into the tumbler from the inside and the lock slides out towards key entry.

    the tumblers are super easy to shuffle into the new keys configuration. put it all back the same way it came out and your done.

    the gas cap was a bit more in that the locking tabs are tension loaded so when you undo the first set of screws under the cap it spring open. careful not to loose the springs especially in the tumbler.

    yeah yeah i know where are this pics.. maybe next time.

    good news is- to re-key the gas cap and helmet lock is a simple 30 minute process

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    I just wanted to bump this thread, two years later, to say that you helped me significantly by having written this. Thank you, poster of Christmas Past.

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