Dead Electrics on Key Turn
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    Turn the key to on. Sometimes lights come on and starter works and sometimes no lights and starter will not respond to start button.

    Give it a kick on the kick starter and it starts right up and lights come on.

    Try to trouble shoot but most times as soon as I touch anything lights come on and everything works fine.

    I suspect:

    1. Key switch contacts - 2 pair in the key switch 1 shorts CDI to ground (so that must be working as bike starts with a kick). Other contact supplies +12 to most of the bike from the battery. I suspect that set of contacts but as I said as soon as I touch it to measure voltages everything works fine.

    2. Starter cutoff relay - No knowledge of this but it is in the circuit that I think is not working correctly. What does it look like so I can check it out?

    Thoughts ....Ideas?????

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    Check Battery connections
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    As wabbabee said, Clean and check battery connections first. Then start checking other connections. On most ignition switches you can wiggle key and move key back and forth slowly to see worn ignition switch. look for flickering lights while doing this.
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    Hey doods, my 2001 has been doing that. I pulled of the side cover and as soon as I grabbed the wiring loom with the 2 fuses, I heard a click (like in a relay) and it all came back on . As I wiggled it around it clicked and went off (no power) then clicked and went back on (power), I continued wiggling on it and it stayed on. Checked it as I went out for fire wood and didnt work with out being moved or anything?? SO I plan to get in there and find what is looose.....I think. Anyone else experience this on an electric start model? All my battery connections are good.

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    There may be some clues in the thread below.

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    OK - I could go out and spend lotza $$$ on new switch and relay or I could listen to Wannabee onTug Hill.

    He is the man! Nailed it first reply. I was over thinking this. Ground wire on Battery was loose.

    I should have known I have been in that area a lot recently as I installed an XT350 tank. Bet I hit the ground connection a few times fitting the seat.

    All is well.

    Thanks to ---> Wannabee onTug Hill

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