Throw me your opinion on batteries
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Thread: Throw me your opinion on batteries

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    Throw me your opinion on batteries

    Looking at replacing the battery in the TW (2015). It's working okay, and doesn't NEED to be replaced right now, but I'd like to get something better and sealed/gel/lithium.
    I'd just like the peace of mind since I'll be out by myself most of the time.

    The big issue is that I'm in Canada, so 99% of anything y'all have talked about in all the battery threads will not ship to me. I WAS able to find a WPS lithium option on eBay and Amazon that will.

    So, it looks like (apples to apples) the lithium is way lighter, way smaller, and has a 120 CCA rating versus the 80 CCA of the AGM and GEL options I have available. (Stay tuned)

    So...there's a couple battery places here in town, both have nothing but the factory Yuasa AGM, GEL, nothing. So if I want to go the factory route, it's $50-$55 pretty much anywhere I want.
    Online bike shops are few and far between, and there are several that appear Canadian but then switch you over to a US site and the free shipping is out the window.
    One good Canadian outfit is FortNine....I've bought a few things from fortnine (.ca) and they're great...Canadian company, free shipping over $50, etc. And I stress Canadian company because their prices are in Canadian funds, and there are no hang-ups at the border, and no surprise (hefty) duty/brokerage fees.....and I'll get my items in days rather than weeks or months as the case can be via eBay sellers.

    So.....Here's my options:

    All prices adjusted to CAD (and are all inclusive)
    $55 for a 'stock' battery from wherever I want.
    $78.78 for a BikeMaster Platinum II AGM from fortnine in my own country so no surprise fees.
    $104.97 for a BikeMaster TruGel from fortnine in my own country so no surprise fees.
    $125.24 for a FeatherWeight Lithium Battery WPS HJB7BL-FP-IL from either eBay or Amazon(.com) and who knows if I'll get nailed for duty and/or brokerage fees and it goes to $200....

    The way I see it, a battery is an essential item and if it fails out there, I'm screwed. But, using that thinking, nearly every piece of the bike is also essential, so...and if I'm fortunate with terrain, bump starting is always an option.
    I'm big on bringing along little survival kits and tools, so I could put that extra space in the battery box to good use...
    Assuming a decide to save a few bucks, and avoid the potential fees by buying the AGM or a gel battery really that much better than a sealed AGM? (Both are rated at 80 CCA)

    Throw me your thoughts as far as which of the 3 (AGM/GEL/LITHIUM) options you'd go for in my shoes.
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    I tried one of these. I think Lithium would be better but at $75+ I figured I could go through 4 of these for the same price. After two years I am still on my first one. It cranks strong, holds a charge, and does not leak. What's not to like?

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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?
    Thanks..gave them a shot, but the shipping won't update...just shows $0 for all options, likely not liking my postal code. Emailed them via their "contact us" address...
    "Address not found - Your message wasn't delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn't be found."
    I'll give it a try again tomorrow and see what happens.

    Edit: Found another address on their site, sent to that, hasn't bounced yet. We'll see what happens.
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    Thanks a lot fishguy. Now I have to buy one of those batteries because thats so damn cheap.
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