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Thread: Gear Indicator

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    Gear Indicator

    Has anyone retrofitted a TW with a gear indicator? If so, then what product did you use and how did it turn out? This looks interesting:

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    Looks pretty cool.

    I wouldn't put that much effort/money into knowing what gear I'm in though.
    Especially on a TW.
    There will never be a 6th gear (on my bike), and the bottom 3 are only good for starting out.
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    Might reduce those excessive upshifts into sixth gear although unlike Smitty I spend most of my time in the bottom three gears.
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    Just in case you are interested there are much less expensive alternatives that might be worth a try. Red LED Universal Digital Gear Indicator Motorcycle Display Shift Lever Sensor Motorbike Accessories-in Instruments from Automobiles & Motorcycles on | Alibaba Group

    Myself i'm gonna just keep on shifting as usual. Up shift till it won't anymore and once more just to make sure.
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    That would make a good nick name : "Phantom Shift" or "Phantom Six"
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