possible to over fill fork oil?
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Thread: possible to over fill fork oil?

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    possible to over fill fork oil?

    hi there, so is it possible to put too much oil in that the seals can't hold the pressure from damping? i thought that was the point.?

    I've had a few times only the right side seal leak but now had both leaking on a new set of seals. i put 250ml in, i read the thread about forks and the spacers, and max level, but 250 is below that...maybe they are cheap seals??

    any ideas

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    Perhaps a pitted surface that slides on the seal?

    When you say "well below the recommended height", at an oil height 157mm there is no damping action. This was the oil height from the factory. At 130mm there is. I don't know the height when damping starts but 157mm is how my forks came and 130mm is what I set them to. HUGE difference in how they worked. Also the air trapped inside the fork tube acts like a spring -- compressing and rebounding. The more oil / the less air the stiffer the "spring".

    Did you reinstall the little spring wire keepers that keep the seals from popping out?
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    Yes, one can add too much fork oil. Can result in blown fork seals.
    Don't recall any previous reported relationships between fork oil volume and height of oil inside the forks so cannot evaluate 250ml of oil. Usually see helpful fork info as elime describes above.
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    Idaho Larry had too much fork oil in his forks. Didn't blow the seals but the front suspension was hard as a rock. He drained some out (measurement unknown to me) and life was good.
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    Happened to me. Too much and hydro locked the suspension, wouldn't move at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by admiral View Post
    Idaho Larry had too much fork oil in his forks. Didn't blow the seals but the front suspension was hard as a rock. He drained some out (measurement unknown to me) and life was good.
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    Just as a reference. I recently added fork oil to my bike up to @ 133mm. I didn't measure how far down it was before starting just added oil up that level. I used the cap of the 1pt oil bottle as a measure and used about two capfulls to bring it up to that level. Less than 2 ounces per fork. I don't know if the PO messed with the forks.
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    i have re built the forks as part of the restoration of the bike, 135mm is the oil level from top of fork tube as per manual, 235ml oil, i rounded up to 250 being easier to read on the measuring jug and would make it firmer if anything. i read lizard breath's fork thread and the maximum oil height is 120mm if i recall correctly, so i am well below that...maybe they were cheap seals, all the seals and clips were installed properly..will see how the new ones work out

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    What's the magic number 125-135 mm for a person weighing 195 lbs? I'm assuming fork oil is fork oil. Have you ever used this brand? 10w

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