Steering Stem Questions
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Thread: Steering Stem Questions

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    Senior Member DrTerrible's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
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    Thanks to everyone for the threads on changing the fork oil seals. Couldn't have done it without them. Since I bought the bike without any known history of it, I have changed the front/rear wheel bearings, the front fork oil seals and dust covers, having my tires and tubes swapped with TW34 and SR241 and now I am tackling the steering stem. Not sure if it needed them done but at least I know the last time they were done. I have a pic of the upper race installed but I can't seem to get it seated all the way. Might be 1mm or so gap but still won't go and don't want to pound it and ruin it. Is it okay like that? Also, I don't have a driver or a socket big enough for the lower race and haven't really found any tips on how to do it without the right tool. Any suggestions or just go splurge on a kit?
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    I used a bearing tool I bought from an auto parts store to seat the bearings. Did you use the All Balls kit? From what I remember they do not seat down all the way. I think I slightly over tightened the steering and rhen reset the tension again after I backed off.

    This was the thread I followed, it has been perfect since I changed them.
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    It won't seat all the way.
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    Senior Member slinger's Avatar
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    AutoZone has tools you can borrow. You pay a deposit and get it all back when you return the tool. I borrowed a bearing driver kit recently.

    Also, maybe this is a little late, but throw the race in the freezer for a few hours next time before installing it
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    Senior Member DrTerrible's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    Sherwood Park, AB
    Thanks guys, and they are the All Balls bearings. I rigged up the old OEM race with some old wheel bearings and washers on the top and bottom of the neck of the frame and just tapped it in making it go. If there is a gap then I'm good to go. Just have to grease up the bearings, slide the one bearing on the stem and should be good to go. Took the advice of putting the stem in the freezer to make it slide easier.
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    Super Moderator Purple's Avatar
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    Ynys Môn
    No point in forcing it - you'll only notch the stem - just get it on as far as you can, and check the tension on the top nut every now and then

    A few good jolts from the road\trail will do the rest ......
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    Senior Member ssgtrillium's Avatar
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    May 2014
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    You put the race in the freezer to shrink it not the stem.They should slide on the stem easy.I just used the stock bearings from Yamaha and was surprised that they don't come as a kit.I had to buy each ball and then the race's. A bit of a pain.
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    Senior Member DrTerrible's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    Sherwood Park, AB
    Put the races in the freezer too but I also I read to put the stem in the freezer before installing the bearing on the stem.

    Rainmaker's post #6

    I have it all together now so I guess we will see if I did it right when I get my wheels back and take it back for the inspection
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