Restoring Old White/Yellow faded Plastics
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Thread: Restoring Old White/Yellow faded Plastics

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    Restoring Old White/Yellow faded Plastics


    I have some plastics on both of my BW's and as usual, they are yellow and faded... most are no longer white.

    On some of the newer TW plastics I've let them soak in water, bleach and oxyclean and that seemed to have done a pretty good job. However, didn't put a dint in the yellow BW plastics.

    I did some research and found several references to using a concentrated hydrogen peroxide hair salon formula called Salon 40, in which you apply the cream and expose it to Black Light / UV light. The light will help the chemical bleach the plastic to its bright white, original color.

    However, this barely did anything to the tank.


    I am wondering if anyone has had "real solid" success on old white plastics that have been turned yellow from sun and age.

    I am beginning to wonder if the correct approach is to just use a special plastic type of spray paint, paint specifically formulated to be used on plastics and whatnot.

    I think that surly there are some that are into the vintage bike restoration business that have some kind of technique for restoring bright white back to the plastics.

    Anyone every fool with this with any degree of success?
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    I remember seeing a few videos on youtube. This guy has a bunch of different videos, seems to be in a little of everything. Keep us posted.

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    I did the white turned yellow plastics on my truck camper with fusion spray paint(white) just wiped off and sprayed. Going on about 5 years, no chips or change in color, 100% happy with it and how it's holding up. I live in the desert and my TC is exposed to a lot of sun, seems to be no problem. Easy job, great results.
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    If you choose to scrape the oxidation off you will have deep scratches and gouges that will show and look like dog dookie! Painting a plastic tank is not a good idea. Gas fumes will leach out through a plastic tank and the paint won't hold up. If you don't mind repanting everytime it does then go for it...
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    I did the the razor scraping on my yellowed XR600 tank. No gouges whatsoever, but your mileage my vary depending on the amount of pressure you use. Best technique i found. Finish off with wet sanding and polish like the guy in the video. A big money saver.

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    Buy all of your plastics from Moose Racing . . . then everything will be cat (moose?) pee yellow and at least match.
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    I tried a bunch of tricks to de-yellow my BW200 tank and didn't have much luck. I found that using Lacquer thinner worked the best for removing stains and deep dirt .... but the yellowing I never had any success with.

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    i have used a truck and bus was from napa , then a product from miller paveing company in toronto that they wash there cement trucks with......any way it has deoxidizeing stuff in there and works pretty dam good......iam sure if u look a round u find the same stuff......i did wash my vinal sidding on my thirty year old house and was amased .... this stuff is heavy alkinline ... washing house , spray on about 6 feet at a time brush with soft bristh broom rinse with garden hose,, better to do on a rainy day or no sun.... do not let it dry on then u are hooped.... o ya we were talkin about a gas tank

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    Most of what goes through here is too old for plastic tanks and fenders. (plus, almost no "dirt" bikes).
    BUT, what I will mention, is that whatever harsh chemicals you use on plastic, you run the risk of washing out some chemicals that give the plastic its flexibility.

    Clean and brittle may work for a show bike. For a rider, I'd source NORS or replacement parts depending on availability.

    Try Spray-9 or Fantastik and a semi soft shoe brush. I would NOT use the purple stuff from Castrol or Zep. That stuff makes eggshells out of everything.
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