My head is puzzling my head.
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Thread: My head is puzzling my head.

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    My head is puzzling my head.

    I have the head off my 89 and in peeking under see I am due to take some pits out of the exhaust valve. I need to say right now I have been a do it myselfer since I was about two years old. I reasoned the rocker arm needed to go so there would be room for the valve spring to release, and so I set about rigging a puller to get out the rocker arm shaft. One came easily, but the exhaust has so far not budged, to the point of stripping out the threads. In addition the one rocker arm does not pull out over the valve stem. I would assume this means it comes out the camshaft hole, but how does the cam come out?

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    I use a slide hammer to remove the rocker shafts. You need a 6mm 1pitch bolt and it can be a very tight fit into the hole.


    After removing the sheet metal parts I rotate the cam until the pin is in the 12 o'clock position and then slide hammer the cam and aluminum bearing out. The pin must be in the 12 o'clock position.

    P8260022 (2).JPG

    There are two cut outs for the lobes in the head. If the camshaft isn't aligned it won't come out or you will do damage.


    You might have to heat the head up in case someone glued the rocker shafts in with Red LocTite.
    Slide hammer in action.


    Good luck! Tony
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Red Loctite. Hmm. Probably not, but that doesn't mean it it isn't acting like it. I made a slide hammer up from a stud attached to an all thread and put a heavy hammer head on it for persuasion. It pulled out the threads. I will try heating, and if that doesn't work I will drill a hole on the outside and drift it out, and plug the hole! The intake side came out so easily. This is very helpful, and I am as always grateful to you and the site.
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    I used an old harmonic balancer puller. It spans across good, I just put some spacers then screwed it down into the rocker shaft and it pulled right out. Great response Elime.
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    It wouldn't come by screwing, so I made an adapter to convert to a long all-thread and a 3-lb. hammer head without a handle. It still wouldn't come so I heated the area around the pin on the back side, and got it by whacking it a few times about as hard as I could. When I put it back in the pin didn't line up very well, so I assume there was an issue in Japan. It doesn't matter, since it likely doesn't rotate, and the alignment on the rocker arm is slight. I am not impressed with the concept of head and valve cover in one piece, but I was surprised by the chases for oil from the pump to the valves through reduced diameter head bolts, over to the cam through a hole bored and from the outside,which is then capped and used to let oil up faster during changes, and the hollow rocker shaft as well as cam and then the cam chain and splashing the rocker arms. I have a better grip on why to take it to a shop!
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