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    Hey guys, does anyone know how to identify the year of a tw engine by the model number? I just acquired an engine with no information about it. The PO had no interest in TW's and had bought it off of a guy who scrapped a TW because all he wanted were the wheels. shame.

    Anyways, the only number I can find other than the 196cc is 15x-020576 and this is on the upper right hand side of the crankcase above the oil fill hole.

    Can anyone decipher the number?


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    Push~ Anyone knows~~~~~~?

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    This is a tough one! All three of the TWs I have had were original, stock and whole from the factory. The number on the engine case behind the oil fill was the same as on the steering head which is the VIN number. On the steering head the number was permanently stamped into the metal as well as being on a sticky label. The label also contained a build date such as 10/87 which was titled as a 1988 model. My 1991 was made in 11/90. I see no correlation between the vin number, same engine number and the date code. I would suspect a Yamaha dealer might be able to trace the number on your engine to find a manufacturing date and it is possible that a digit in the number and what position it is in does tell the date, such as if the fifth number is a zero the bike was a 2000 model but I don't know the code or if this is correct.

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