Running/ choke issues?
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Thread: Running/ choke issues?

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    Running/ choke issues?

    I just bought a 92 tw and it will not run unless it's at least half choked. It will hold itself revved up at time when I'm not touching the throttle then other times it will just die if I let it idle down when I'm stopping or something. I know it say with ethanol fuel all winter long. Could the carb just need cleaning? Or could it be something else?
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    Plugged pilot jet. A good carb cleaning is needed. Just replace the pilot jet while your at it.
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    Try easy first -- open the idle mixture screw 2.5 to 3 turns.
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    And try some seafoam too it may clear up.
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    just had the exact same thing, clogged pilot jet, i soaked mine in diesel overnight and used a pin and compressed air, all sorted now
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    Im with the others, Dirty Pilot Jet & or Pilot circuit. Like Elime said well you have the Carb off pop the Cap off the Idle air adjusting screw and start at 2.50 turns out. Also you probably ought to make sure there is no rust in the tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waymore View Post
    ........ I know it say with ethanol fuel all winter long......
    Fresh gas would help, too.

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    Thanks for all the replies guys! I took the carb apart today and man was it filthy. Replaced all the jets and o rings and stuff and cleaned the rest up so hopefully it does the tricks. But first I have to replace the boots on each side between the engine and the air filter box.

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