Anyone own a Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset?
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Thread: Anyone own a Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset?

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    Anyone own a Sena 20S Bluetooth Headset?

    I've been considering a Comm unit and since I currently don't have anyone to talk to i figured the Sena 20S would be a good choice due to the fact that they work with other manufacturers units. The convenience of receiving phone calls from my wife would be a plus.
    They are pricey though at $269 each. Ouch

    What do you think?


    Sena 20 S Bluetooth Headset
    The 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System is the latest communication device from Bluetooth leader Sena. The Sena 20S features a staggering 1.2 mile range, advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and a built-in FM radio tuner. Stay in contact by calling hands-free on your Bluetooth phone, rock out to your favorite riding jams in stereo or listen to voice instructions of GPS navigators by Bluetooth wirelessly, all the while having conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders.

    The 20S is a state-*of-*the-*art motorcycle and powersports Bluetooth communication system. The unit provides a sleek and aerodynamic design that offers a versatile jog dial that maximizes the ease of use for riders.

    The Sena 20S features several industry firsts for the motorcycle Bluetooth communication headset market. Bluetooth 4.1 technology with dual Bluetooth communication modules increases the performance and reliability of the headset while also allowing for increased high definition audio quality. The advanced Audio Multitasking allows for a seamless blend of incoming and outgoing audio to create a mixed audio experience versus the traditional interruption based audio technology of other Bluetooth devices. The audio multitasking function creates the most close-to-natural audio sound while running multiple audio functions simultaneously and intelligently.

    With the 20S, users can call hands*free with their Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigation by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other riders.

    Bluetooth 4.1
    Industry first dual Bluetooth module communication system
    Audio Multitasking advanced audio management of intercom, phone, music and FM radio
    Advanced wind noise cancellation
    Versatile bike-to-bike conference intercom
    Intercom working distance up to 2 km (1.2 miles) in open terrain
    Universal intercom - intercom with other brand headsets
    Built-in FM radio tuner with station scan and save function
    All-in-one helmet clamp kit
    HD crystal clear and natural sound quality
    Quick Bluetooth Pairing
    Intuitive voice prompts and commands
    Water resistant for use in inclement weather
    Bluetooth protocol support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP
    Remote control support
    Firmware upgradeable
    Peace of mind thanks to the two-year warranty
    Bluetooth 4.1 and Dual Bluetooth:
    The 20S is the industry’s first dual* module Bluetooth communication system as well as the industry’s first Bluetooth 4.1 technology
    Dual Bluetooth modules allow for increased flexibility of functions, performance, and reliability
    Users can take advantage of simultaneous communication by running multiple applications (music, GPS, mobile phone, intercom) and seamlessly switching back and forth as needed
    Audio multitasking is a new feature that replaces the previous interruption-based audio functions of past Bluetooth communication devices
    Audio multitasking function creates the most close*-to-*natural audio sound while running multiple audio functions simultaneously and intelligently
    HD quality voice allows for communication with up to eight companions over a a distance up to 2 km or 1.2 miles
    Intercom group management enables users to manage intercom participants by group
    Intercom is universal, allowing it to function seamlessly with Sena Bluetooth communication devices as well as other Bluetooth communication headsets in the market (with future firmware upgrades)
    Advanced Noise Cancellation technology efficiently suppresses the wind noise from motorcycle riding without distorting original voice during intercom conversation
    User Interface:
    Intuitive voice commands have been built into the 20S to ensure riders can maintain hands free control while riding
    Voice commands allow riders to operate functions such as intercom connections, mobile phone calls, music playback control and more
    Motion sensor feature allows the pairing of Bluetooth devices with a simple shake of the units
    NFC (Near Field Communication) allows users an instant setup process by dramatically decreasing the pairing time required for the phone and intercom
    Clamp Mount:
    All-*in-one clamp allows for versatile helmet mounting systems for more flexible and easy to switch capabilities
    Dual microphone - one inside the helmet for intercom function and the other on the clamp for listening to environmental sound without taking off the helmet
    Dual microphone expands the use for the rider and continues to enhance their experience
    Includes both wired and boom-style microphones
    Earbud port built into each clamp mount
    Talk time: 13 hours
    Stand-by time: 10 days
    Dimensions (main module): 94.7mm x 48.3mm x 25.5mm (3.7 in x 1.9 in x 1.0 in)
    Speakers: driver unit 40mm x 6.5mm
    Boom microphone length: 190mm
    Wire length between speakers: 555mm
    Weight (main module): 60g (2.11 oz)
    Audio Specs:
    Built-in SBC Codec
    Wide volume control
    Sample rate: max. 48 kHz (DAC)
    Built-in wide band Codec (HFP)
    Sample rate: max 16 kHz
    FM Radio
    Built-in FM radio with RDS AF (Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies)
    Radio region: worldwide
    Radio frequency specifications: 64 ~ 108MHz
    10 preset station memory with automatic scan function
    Radio on time: 8~10 hours
    In the Box:
    Sena 20S headset main unit
    Universal helmet clamp
    Wired boom microphone
    Wired microphone
    Micro USB power and data cable
    2.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
    Cigarette charger
    Glued surface mounting adapter
    Rubber pads
    Speaker pads
    VELCRO® brand fastener pads for speakers
    VELCRO® brand fastener pad for boom microphone
    VELCRO® brand fastener pad for wired microphone
    Allen wrench
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    I have the smh-10 and really like it.
    If I was more sure that I really needed a bluetooth communication device when I bought it I probably would have gotten the higher model 20-whatever at the time.

    I think the 20 has better range and a built in radio. I use mine mostly for listening to music on longer hauls. But also when the sig other and I ride together, both on the same bike and when on individual bikes.

    The range of the 10 is line of sight and only about 1/2 mile or so. But if you are using you have cell reception your range is only limited by cell minutes or reception.
    So far the Sena has worked very well and seems relatively easy to use and connect to my cell phone, other Sena's and my stand alone gps.
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    My buddy and I bought these last year and are very happy.
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    My wife and I have Sena 20S communicators in our helmets. The sound is very good and the jog dial is intuitive to use. Battery life is pretty good too, they last all day on all but the longest of our rides. I use it every single day to play music or the radio on my commute. It would be nice if the FM antenna was stronger though, and I even ran my speaker wire over the top instead of around the back as recommended for best reception.

    All in all I'm very pleased with them.
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    Today's technology Rocks. Check out this Revzilla video.

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    I have a pair of 20s's one for me and one for my GF and they are the absolute top of the line for comm units. I had a cardo g9x unit prior and the 20s is superior in every way. Way better sound, better range, comm does not randomly drop, controls are easier w gloves on, no microphone feedback, etc etc. I think overall my favorite thing is the audio multitasking. I like to listen to music while i ride and with these units we both can and still talk whenever we want. Its not a one or the other deal, its seamless and it works. We have also used the audio sharing a fair bit when we are on the same bike so we have the same music and it works really well too( we don't do that one separate bikes because it cuts in and out). Battery life is good to although i have had it run out on me, one nice thing on this unit is you can use it while charging so i got a 6' long micro usb cable and can plug it into the bike and charge while i ride if i run it out for any reason.
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    Technology, ugh!
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    Around here we use Sena 10U units that fit directly into our Shoei helmets. Can use the Sena app to setup and the other Sena app to setup groups where the riders can be anywhere. Anywhere.

    Would have gotten the 20, but the invisible custom fit for my Neotec helmet was too nice to pass up.
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