Hesitant in the middle of the rev-range
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Thread: Hesitant in the middle of the rev-range

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    Question Hesitant in the middle of the rev-range

    Hey guys,

    I have a feeling this might be a gummed up carb issue. Just wanted to hear some other opinions before I get down and dirty with the carb.

    My poor ol' tee dub (1995) has been under a tarp for the best part of a year last year. I have brought the old girl out so she can feel the wind through her hair again. Shame on me, I didn't drain the carb before putting her into hibernation! Now after replacing the battery and cranking her over, she started up like a champ and idles just as beautifully as she always has. Here is the thing, in the middle of the rev-range (when you give her some of that right-wrist action) she'll hesitate a bit (kinda like she does when it is time to switch over to the reserve tank). The odd thing though is that if you power through and keep accelerating - really give her some stick, she runs pretty smoothly again after a bit of spluttering and hesitation. Flat out-she runs as good as she always did it seems.

    Idle to low rev range - fine
    Mid rev-range - hesitant
    High revs - good

    I'm thinking of getting some seafoam and I'll give that a shot first before pulling the carb. Please feel free to chime in if you have had a similar experience.


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    I agree with first trying Sea Foam. I bet that solves your problem.
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    Are you using old gas? Dump it and put in new and put seafoam in that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tweaker View Post
    Are you using old gas? Dump it and put in new and put seafoam in that.

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