2006 very sluggish when cold
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Thread: 2006 very sluggish when cold

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    2006 very sluggish when cold

    The 2006 seem to very bad when it is cold but my 1992 seems to have no bog at all and accelerates quickly even when cold.The 2006 seems to get a lot better when I drive it for at least 10 minutes at half choke but still bogs down a lot when trying to speed up. I been driving everyday from +5 to +10 Celsius which is pretty cool. I don't know if I should take the whole carb out and clean it or is there a quick fix by dropping the float bowl.

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    Add a can of seafoam over two tanks of fuel and see if that helps first.
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    Maybe open idle mixture screw 1/2 to 1 turn?
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    The first two responses are good advice...then you're probably headed for a carburetor rebuild if still having problems. These bikes are easy to work on, plus there's lots of help available from the good folks on this forum if you need it.
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    I had my 91 Tw acting just like yours when it was cold, It turned out to be the Pilot Jet was party clogged. It took me 3 times dissembling the Carburetor and cleaning it before I finally decided that what looked like a spider web when I looked thru the Jet was not susposd to be there. I pushed thru it with a small wire and the bike was just like new again.

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