No Spark, no run :(
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Thread: No Spark, no run :(

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    No Spark, no run :(

    Hello friends

    I will tell you that this past weekend, I went on a mountain route and my TW200 suddenly died, there was no human power to start the engine, no spark in the spark plug. Tests without tester indicate that the pickup coil is faulty. Output voltage of the three-phase coils (white wires) of the coil source also, the red and white wires nothing.
    This Saturday I will take to the place where my little girl (who is 5 hours of way from my house) a tester to measure the resistance of all the coils, and stators. I refuse to give up. 9 months with her without ever leaving me, daily takes me to my work by mountain road, 31 miles. I will not leave her. I will tell you what I found when I have it at home and start the exhaustive review. Greetings.
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    Keep us posted on what you find and good luck!! Hope you are back riding soon!!
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    Well, after bringing my little tw home, I used the multimeter to check the resistance of the pulser coil according to the specifications of the motorcycle manual, without getting any resistance.

    Then, disassembly and when I removed the pulser coil , found in the cable very close to the coil a defective connection, insulation burned and cables touching the block of the motor.

    Repair the connections, weld them, put thermocontractile insulation, check resistance again and Ajuuuuuuua! Resistance in the correct range!

    From there to assemble and try the machine was an hour. And my TW came back to life.
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    Thanks for posting the fix. Great job on repairing.

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    Thanks for letting us know the problem/solution. I love a story with a happy ending.
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    Well done Miguel!MissingLinkMasterA.jpg
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    Out of curiosity what year is your bike? I believe there are certain years where this failure is common.

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    Hi, it's 2001 model

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