Torque Wrench Recommendation
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Thread: Torque Wrench Recommendation

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    Torque Wrench Recommendation

    What is a good range for a torque wrench for working on our TWs? I have a smallish one suitable for bicycle work already, but need something larger to handle bigger jobs.

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    I have 2. One for the lower torques (30 to 250 inch pounds) and the other ranges from from 20 to 250 foot lbs.
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    You almost need two torque wrenches. One in inch-pounds up to at least 250 and one in foot-pounds up to 100 or 150.

    I started with beam type wrenches and went to click type but I am leaning back to beam type.

    I think the beam type aren't as accurate but left sitting in a drawer for a very long time will be more reliable than a click type. I find after long periods of non use the click type have to be put in a vice and clicked a few times to "loosen up" before it seems to work accurately, or even work at all.
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    I have three, but only use two for the tw. As follows 40-200in-lbs, 5-75ft-lbs, 50-250ft-lbs. The big one never touches the tw. All three or them are snap on click type. I reset them after every use and have them checked for calibration annually. I see them as a worth while life long investment.
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    Just checked the range on the bike torque wrench and it is 2 to 20 Nm (about 17.70 to 177.01 in-lbs or about 1.5 to 14.8 ft-lbs). Looks like that should cover the low range. Now just have to decide between a 10-150 ft-lbs 1/2" drive and a 20-200 ft-lbs 1/4" drive torque wrench to cover the bigger jobs.
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    As mentioned above, the key with the click type wrenches is to reset them to zero before putting the away to keep the spring relaxed when stored. I have two of these, 2-22 Nm, and 5 to 80 ft./lbs. Use both of them on the TW.
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