Oil plug
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Thread: Oil plug

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    Oil plug

    Can't get my oil plug loose. Weird looking plug and the edges are starting to strip. Any ideas or is there a different tool for this plug?
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    Use the wrench in your toolkit or a 6 sided box end wrench or 6 sided socket and ratchet. Don't use a crescent wrench or 12 point box end. It may help tapping it with a hammer first. Make sure you are holding the wrench on as far and as tightly as possible before trying.

    QUOTE=orchemo;613306]Can't get my oil plug loose. Weird looking plug and the edges are starting to strip. Any ideas or is there a different tool for this plug?[/QUOTE]
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    I had a problem with mine rounding off and I used a nail set to bust it loose.
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    Having the bike warm will help.

    If it's already cooled down, try a heat gun or hair dryer. Try to heat the area around the plug, and then maybe cool off the plug with an ice cube. The idea is to have the surrounding metal expand away from the plug while the plug itself contracts a tiny bit.
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    Clean all the dirt off of the drain plug, then use a 6 point socket ( should be a 19mm) lightly tap it on with a hammer if needed. Push in on the socket with one hand while turning the wrench with the other.
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    When you go to put it back on, put never-seize on the seal. It will help the next time getting it off
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    Yep to 6 sided 19mm socket. And remove the gear shift -- it is only in the way.
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    Junior Member orchemo's Avatar
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    6 sided socket and removed the shifting lever for better access and it popped free.

    Thanks for the advice
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    Quote Originally Posted by orchemo View Post
    ......it popped free.
    If you use a torque wrench for tightening, don't use the specified 30 Ft./lbs. Use about 27, that will make the next time easier. Like some other torque values in the manual, it is a bit too high after several years of removal/replacement.
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    Just for your information a 6 point 3/4 socket will work. My new 2013 oil plug was put on by a gorilla and that is what I used.

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