What is too hot?
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Thread: What is too hot?

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    What is too hot?

    Another newb question, since our bikes are air cooled when is it too hot to ride. Both my other bikes are also air cooled but I've only ridden them during hunting season when temperature isn't an issue. My dub is so new and pretty I hate for it to sit in the shop 10 months out of the year. I was thinking of taking it with me to the desert next weekend, temps are supposed to be upper 80s. Thanks for the feedback
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    I would say that as long as you are moving and there is air flow over the engine, you shouldn't worry about it. There are lots of guys that ride theirs in the desert at temps a lot higher than the 80's, so I will let them express their opinions.

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    Yup, what TW Brian said, keep it moving. Don't sit around for extended periods idling and it will be fine. A good synthetic oil would help also.
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    I rode mine across the San Joaquin Valley during a heat wave -- 100+ temperature. It never hiccup or hesitated.
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    It is cooked. Just send it to me and I will dispose of it for you for free.

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    Like they've said, keep it moving. If you are worried about it further, you can check the manual for the proper recommended weight of oil to use in the temperature range, change your oil more often when riding in hot temps, and consider installing an oil cooler kit. Welcome, and happy riding!
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    Thanks for the help, picked up some fresh 4T for it just to be safe. The way I talked my wife into letting me get a newer bike is that it would last me for years. If I cooked it first trip out I might be staying in the desert.

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    Ambient air temp does not have as much of an effect as one might think. Upper 80s should pose no problems as long as you keep air flowing. I have never had a problem and ridden in mid 90s. High load, deep sand or prolonged high load, long climbs may make it run a bit hotter. I have smelled it get hot when the temps are high and did prolonged low speed high load sand riding. Still ran fine, but I imagine I was running towards the high end of the operating range.
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    I have ridden mine up to 120'F. no problem. The difference between engine running temperature and outside temperature is enough that it still radiates enough heat to be OK. A while back I did an experiment where I let it just idle for quite a while and measured the temperature at several locations to see if it would reach damaging levels. It was pretty warm but never got into the danger zone.
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    I bought a small stick on temperature scale. I don't trust that it's totally accurate but after monitoring it many rides it seems to be registering what I expect. They are a simple way to see what's happening. The temperature has been highest when in sand and using continuous heavy throttle. 100° weather will make it warm up faster but not necessarily get the hottest.

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