Quick carb fix
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Thread: Quick carb fix

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    Quick carb fix

    It's happened to me twice now; my bike won't start like usual; no choke, just turn on the key and hit the e-button. Instead, I needed full choke to get it to run and on half choke, fan the throttle to full open with a huge bog in the middle of the throttle range. Thinking about this, why it will idle at choke, dead anywhere but full throttle, the problem seemed to be isolated to the needle/needle jet. So, I pulled the tank and loosened the hose clamps on the carb. I rotated the carb and popped the top, removed the diaphragm assembly and inspected the needle. There was a fine 'ridge' of fuel deposits on the needle about half way up. I think it was preventing the needle from lifting out of the needle jet. I wiped it off with a little carb cleaner and sprayed some down in the needle jet itself, then reassembled. The bike ran as good as new again!

    I use my bike very occasionally. I also use a fuel preservative. When I park the bike, I turn off the gas and run the engine until it starve stalls and leave it parked that way. Yet a couple times a year I get this build-up on the needle.

    My guess is that I'm not the only one who might have seen this happen and figured I'd report on it here for anyone who is experiencing the same symptoms.

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    What preservative or stabilizer are you using?

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    Was this an early or late model carburetor?
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    Was the stuff like molasses?
    Just take a eye dropper full or a 1/4 oz of gas that you use in the bike, put it in a small clear jar and let it evap... There will be a deposit of molasses in the jar from the ethanol... Just sucks.

    I too use a fuel stabilizer... Both Sea Foam and or Stabile. Not in my bikes though. I run them at least 1 time a week.

    Riding mowers do set over winter... I use Stabile. Never had a problem..

    My rototiller developed a fuel related issue this year... I usually run it out of gas.. I do use a stabilizer in it... So it will be interesting to see why it puked... Only runs when choked partially.

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