Engine crapped out on me wouldnt go past 10 mph now it wont start at all
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Thread: Engine crapped out on me wouldnt go past 10 mph now it wont start at all

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    Engine crapped out on me wouldnt go past 10 mph now it wont start at all

    I was offroading on my 2016 tw200 with 8000 miles on it, all of the sudden the bike bogged and wouldnt respond to any throttle except for 5% throttle which gave me the push to do about 10 mph back to the trail head to get a tow truck to pick me up. Now the bike was sitting for a week until I looked at it yesterday, I thought it might have been as simple as a spark plug going bad so I replaced the spark plug and tried to turn over the engine, but the bike didn't turn over AT ALL all it did was make this loud electronic whining sound, when I try to start the bike out of neutral the bike wont do anything at all, I thought the battery was dead so I charged it over night, I went to try and start it this morning before going to work but the bike is still doing the same thing, loud whining electronic sound then wont do anything out of neutral, I tried to bump start it but it wouldnt respond to that at all either. I have babied the crap out of this bike, oil changes every 500 miles, timing adjusted as often as needed, kept the speed under 55mph always, everything I kept as perfect as possible.... this is killing me, does anyone know/ have any ideas what is possibly going on with my bike?

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    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your bike. I have few questions for you.

    -Does the loud electronic whining sound seem to be the starter motor spinning but not engaging?

    -When you try to start the bike out of neutral, do you have the clutch lever pulled in and the sidestand in the up position?

    -When you tried to bump start the bike, did the bike seem to have compression?

    -How were you adjusting the timing?

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    Wow! That stinks. If after what TW Brian suggests "Does the loud electronic whining sound seem to be the starter motor spinning but not engaging?" shows the starter to be engaging, then look for a fuel/spark delivery issue. I've learned a lot from this site and I would remove your spark plug, lay it against the head, hit the starter button and see if you're getting a spark. (I'm assuming that your starter is turning based on your comment above). If you've got spark, then it's onto the fuel issue. Bad gas, water, dirt are all mortal enemies of our tiny TW carbs so this may be a place to look too. Good luck!
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    The electronic whining sounds like a short or something, it doesnt sound like its doing anything significant at all. Not sure if its not engaging never really messed with a starter before. It was a bit early this morning so I may have not put the kick stand up when I tried to start it out of neutral, I will try again tonight, I did have the clutch pulled in though. When I tried to bumpstart the bike it didn't try to turn over at all it just kind of locked the rear tire and didnt do anything, I have bumpstarted before with no problems.
    I was adjusting the timing by using the single (I) marking which I have read is the correct TDC point, theres 3 markings, one thats like this (I---I) and then a single (I) I used the single (I) which I had to take the forum word for it because there is no damn T as mentioned in the service manual :/

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    Ermmm - when was the last time you changed the oil filter ?
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    Okay guys. Here we go again. I have gotten so good at fixing TWs via this forum that I now work on my TW BLINDFOLDED. That's right! It is no FUN unless I can not see it.

    Seriously, however. I am sorry for your loss. First thing to do is find out if the bike is LOCKED UP. You said it will not turn over during a bump start. BAD NEWS!! If it will not turn over you have an engine rebuild in your future.

    You said you set the timing and adjusted the valves. Well, do it again. If you can turn the engine over to set the valves, GOOD.

    Next, remove the SP (spark plug) (us old time TDers start to use code after awhile) and turn the engine over a couple times with your thumb on the SP hole. Does it blow? If so, GOOD. Go to next step. If not, bad. Rebuild engine or check valve timing (Yes, again). The valves could be closing at the wrong time. Do NOT ask me how I know this is possible, please.

    Personally, I think you have a REAL PROBLEM. But with 8000 miles on a 200 cc bike anything can happen. I come from the age where the 2 cycle motos got rebuilt every 3000 miles, if you were lucky. And, after EVERY race.

    My 1995 TW was in bad shape when I bought it with 1400 miles. By 2000 miles it had to be rebuilt. The idiots that did it used the wrong "break-in lube" (I guess) and the rings gave out in less than 1500 miles. So, I rebuilt it MYSELF. We are, now, very happy together.

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    You may have had a valve back off, this would explain the 5% throttle and then the no start now. If the lock nut came loose you would slowly drop in power till the valve now stays shut. No fuel in and no exhaust out...means no go.
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