Type of Gasket Sealant
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Thread: Type of Gasket Sealant

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    Type of Gasket Sealant

    Hey guys,

    I've installed new paper gaskets on my TW and still notice a small leak from the around the bottom of the left side sprocket cover side.

    I did notice there were some small scratched on the case when I reassembled and am now wondering I should have smoothed it an put some gasket sealant

    Would some like this be alright https://www.permatex.com/products/ga...lant-dressing/


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    I'm not familiar with that one , but it states it's formulated for "rubber" gaskets. I make my living as a mechanic & regularly use Permatex products.
    their Avation gasket sealant is the one I'd use for a stubborn leak. It'll be harder to clean off on the next go round , but it should cure the problem you're having now. Degrease all the surfaces well with brake parts cleaner, before you apply to both surfaces.
    Good luck with your repair ))
    Bob O
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    I often use Gaskacinch to back up gaskets. Its a bit like thin contact cement. Also, Honda Bond from motorcycle shops is good. Both easy to remove later if necessary.
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    I use permatex Moto-Seal ..... its made for small engine assembly and is quick drying oil resistant etc.

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    I've installed new paper gaskets on my TW and still notice a small leak from the around the bottom of the left side sprocket cover side” - While Super Dooper has likely correctly identified the site of the leak others should not forget that observed oil around the left side cover can also come from the output shaft where it leaves the left case half, the outboard bearing on the output shaft, as well as the shift shaft. Each time the left side cover gets removed the oil seal on the outboard bearing can get nicked and begin leaking. Some recommend replacement each time the cover comes off.
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    I have had great luck with Permatex, I have used Grey, Black, Blue and Red. I can't tell one from the other, other than the color. Like Bobo said,make sure all surfaces are clean and dry before applying.
    One time I was replacing an oil pan gasket on a 66 ford pick up and when it came time to put my Blue Rvt silent on it, it was all dried up. So I had some plain old clear Silicone standing by, I used it and it worked awesome for the next 22 Years and maybe even longer for the new owner.

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    I think Permatex used to make some orange colored sealer that gasoline or Chemtool wouldn't touch. Do they still make it? I can't find it locally.
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    Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I've used the aviation stuff before with success on an old engine case on another bike I just thought there might be something better for use with the paper gaskets. Might try some of the coloured Sealant and see how that goes.

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