Top 10 Overlooked Maintenance Items
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Thread: Top 10 Overlooked Maintenance Items

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    Top 10 Overlooked Maintenance Items

    Perhaps the motorcycle manufacturers are to blame. They’ve made their products so reliable that we take them for granted. We almost feel that if we just keep our bike’s tank full and spoon new rubber on the rims when necessary, we’ve got our machinery handled. Well, that’s not quite true, and consequently, many riders tend to overlook basic maintenance for extended periods. While lots of riders have the off-season in which they have the time away from riding to take care of annual upkeep, many little things need to be done on a regular basis throughout the riding season.
    Read more about the Top 10 Overlooked Maintenance Items at
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    Good list. A lot of work to get through all those ads though.
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    If people forget those things they shouldn't have a motorcycle, JMO.
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    All great reminders, thank you.
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    The TW is perfect, I never check my coolant or change my hydraulic fluid (1993) the discs will never wear out, I have to watch those pads for the drums though. Tire pressure can vary from 7-23lbs depending if front or rear tire. Pretty much, lube the cables, squirt the chain with PJ1, marvel mystery oil in the gas, change oil and filter, check chain and sprockets, watch tire tread. Also a good idea to dielectric grease spark plug wire and any other connectors when pulled apart. Good article. The simplicity of the TW has its benefits.
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    This is an excellent article...and not just for noobs!
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    I like this statement in the oil section

    “The oil is also the janitor that cleans up after the combustion process and keeps things squeaky clean. Do you really want to damage the thing that brings you so much joy?”
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