How thick is the stock nylon spacer under the carb needle
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    The new TW (well it's an 87), needs a good carb cleaning and while disassembling it, I see that the nylon spacer is missing under the needle. That MIGHT help explain part of why the bike runs like crap. (CDI seems good when put on my other 87)

    Can ANYONE please tell me how thick that spacer is supposed to be?

    I've searched all the "adding spacers" threads, but those assume you're adding more spacers while also using the stock nylon spacer.

    Thanks very much. I'm trying to sit here and reason it out, but I'm brain dead at the moment. I need to get the bike up before tomorrow when some friends are coming to ride.


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    How about you pull it out of your other 87 and measure it? That would probably be the easiest and quickest way. Mine is and 2005 and had a different carb.
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    I guess I may have to do that, I was hoping to save some work and hoping someone here had the spec at hand.

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