1/4 choke and it runs sweet
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    Hi everyone, just thought I'd get an idea on my '94. I choke it to start, it starts and runs no problem. If , when warm, I push the choke in all the way, there is a "bog" that may lead to a stall. This is a little worrisome at intersections.

    If I leave the choke out about 1/4 way, the bike runs fine. I drilled out the plug and did an adjustment and that part is now as good as it gets. The previous owner did change the main jet, but I'm not sure to what as the parts I received with the bike don't let me know for sure. In the parts bag the is a part that seems to be a "splash ring". I don't know if this is an extra or fell out and not re-installed. When I asked the previous owner if he had shimmed the needle he said no.

    The bike runs so well at 1/4 choke, I kinda hate to screw it up. Just thought I'd throw it out there and see what the group thought.

    TIA, Gary
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    My 98 is the same way. I put a 116 main in it but didnt shim it yet. Gonna try to do it this weekend and see if that helps.

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    I would check for an air leak in the carb boot between the carb and the cylinder causing a lean mixture. Running with the carburator enricher knob pulled out 1/4 of the way is probably compensating for the lean mixture. Specificaly look for cracking or a bad o-ring. Failing that, a passage in the carb may be plugged.

    Years ago, I had a Yamaha 80 ATV that had a bad CDI box and it would only run with the throttle enricher pulled out a little. If I pinched the CDI box, the ATV would run great. If I recall, the ATV was about the same year as yours.

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    It's either air/fuel ratio or ignition.

    Fix your carb and any associated dry rot of rubber parts.

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