Clutch return spring
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    Just bought a 1991 TW and love it! While checking the clutch return spring (after reading about it here) I found that my clutch return spring is actually broken. I can find the part but really need someone to advise me how to remove and replace said spring. Is this a big job that should be done by a shop, or something I could do?

    Thanks, and really enjoy reading the forum!

    rwhutchrwhutch in Arkansas.

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    This isn't a huge job.

    You have to remove the generator cover. Than you will see a srew with a bigger head as the other srews.

    Turn this srew out (number 22) and than you can pull the clutch lever out to change the spring.

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    The screws holding the cover on couldn't be budged!

    So, I disconnected the clutch cable, slipped the spring over the arm, then did it like a key ring and slipped it around and got it on. May have bent the spring a little, but I think it will hold.

    Now I have to change the oil. This an old machine and not sure how well it has been taken care of. This last weekend I bought another TW. This is a nice 2007 model.

    Thanks for all the help. Glad you guys are there with some answers for us newbies.

    Ron from Arkansas

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