Battery discharge = dead tachometer
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    Hello all.

    So the other day, I was in a hurry and left my key in the bike with the ignition on, motor off. Well of course, the headlights ran the battery down quickly. It may have been on for an hour or so. The battery was pretty deeply discharged. I got the bike running again with a jump start, and later charged it up with a 3amp charger.

    The KOSO tachometer no longer functions after this. The light to the tach works, and upon key on startup, it does its initial sweep from zero to 10k, back to zero.. But it doesn't read the engine RPMS anymore. Nothing was changed on the bike other than a deep battery discharge.

    Does anyone have any theories? Are there any fuses that may have blown on the bike somewhere? Or maybe on the KOSO tach? Or do you think I just killed the tach?

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    If by 'jump start' you mean you used a car/truck and jumper cables while the engine was running then you may have fried something. Whenever you use a car/truck to jump start a motorcycle its a good idea to make sure the vehicle is not running and the key is on the off position.

    Does the KOSO have a fuse? I would think it must have some sort of over current protection in it.

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