Fuel Line Diameter ID?
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    Picked up another TW last night.. Adding a fuel filter and the guy before me has some really thick fuel line.

    I am at work and by the bike shop, and of course I didnt check the diameter of the line before I left..

    Anyone know the ID of the fuel line?

    Its a 1995 if that matters, but I imagine they all use the same size.


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    Its 1/4 inch to complete this thread. I picked up a few feet for $3 to have around.

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    I use 3/16" ( 6/32" in picture) ID lines. Press fit -- no clamps or leaks.

    Fuel line in action! (Unused new piece next to the used piece for comparison). Your filter will need 3/16" nipples or you will have great difficulty stretching it over 1/4" ones.

    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    ok great.. I have not tried my line yet, but thought it was correct.. now I need to double check it.

    Thanks for the reply.

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