A different clutch question
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    I'm thinking I need to adjust my clutch internally, as in taking off the side cover and adjusting the screw in the center of the clutch basket.

    I was hoping someone could take a look at their clutch arm (on the motor) and see if its pointing towards the little hash mark on the motor (or forward of, or rear of).

    The service manual is a little vague about where it needs to be at rest, but my best guess is, it needs to be pointing at the mark. This would make sense, as the trouble i occasionally have would go along with the clutch not being fully engaged. The cable free play is fine. It works well after its warm but occasionally when cold it seems like it doesn't fully engage the clutch, to the point where I cant start with the clutch in, but again, seems ok after its warm, which makes troubleshooting it a bit tougher.

    Just thought I'd ask before i drain oil , waste a good gasket etc.

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    I know what you mean about the manual being a little vague. Yes, the pointer should be pointed at the hash mark. Problem is, its hard to tell if its lined up. It will look like it is on when you view it from the left side, but off when you look at it from the right side. My pointer is probably pointing more towards the front of the bike.

    Let us know what you find out.
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    thanks, mine is close to 1/4" behind the mark, so it looks like this may be the fix.. this was the one thing that bugged me.

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    Be aware that it's not uncommon for the TW to be difficult to start cold with it in gear and the clutch pulled in. The drag of the cold oil acting on the clutch plates slows the starter sufficiently that it doesn't crank fast enough to start. To my knowledge most start with the trans in neutral when it's cold, or kick start it. As you've noted, the bike will start fine with the clutch pulled in when it's warm.
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