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    My tw was charging right. To the point when it was throttled up the lights got dimmer instead of brighter. I installed a new voltage rectifier and when I started it up the front blinkers were bright and the head light was bright and got brighter with more throttle. For a second then blew the headlight and the rear lights don't work at all now. I checked it with a meter and while idling it's about 11.33v. Throttled up it goes as high as 22.46v. Thinking maybe I got a bad part but also thing I hv more than one problem. Any ideas??

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    Voltage regulator perhaps?...just a guess?.

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    To quote Rainman from your lighting problem thread. "What year, how many miles on it" All years are not the same.

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    Yes, I have a similar problem.

    The voltage goes up to 20-21 volt, with the light on 18-19 volt.

    With another regulator/rectifier, the same result.

    With a different battery, the same high voltage.

    This is a simple charging system, 3 white wires from the alternator to the regulator/rectifier and a red wire to the battery.

    I measured between the 3 white wires and got 3 readings of 0.9 Ohm.

    The 2001+ manual mentions that it should be 0.5 ~ 0.7 Ohm

    Measured between the white wires with running engine and the regulator/rectifier connected is 16 volt AC, constant, no matter the rpm,high and low rpm is the same 16 volt.

    Measured between the white wires with running engine and nothing connected the voltage goes from 40 volt and up when accelerating, so the generator should be good.

    Although my bike is from 1996, the whole elektric system is from 2008.

    Technically there is no apparant reason why this is going wrong.

    The only thing that changed in last weekend, when this happened,

    is that the bike was in the repair shop of the Yamaha importer where a new rear shock was installed.

    Maybe if I put the old rear shock back in the problem will go away?

    That does not make sense, but the whole problem does not make sense , so far.

    I will see if I can get another regulator/rectifier to try out.

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