Carb cleaning for dummies
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    So I bought a 2004 TW about 4 months ago. It had about 800 miles on it when I bought it and now has 1500 miles. It seemed to run fine in the beginning and now idles poorly, hesitates on the top end, and leaks gas out of the carb hose. I ran a tank of carb cleaner. No real improvement. The air filter is clean. The air filter hose had some oil in it. From what I have read on forums and such I'm guessing the problem is a "stuck float"..not really sure what that means..or a petcock get the picture. I've heard these terms pointing me in this direction, but I don't know where to go from here. Should I run another tank of carb cleaner, "try" and disassemble and clean...will I know what to replace when I see it?, or take it to a mechanic? My experience with mechanics is that they "see me coming" and take me to the cleaners. I'd like to get to know the basics of service and repair but...

    I know nothing when it comes to fixing stuff...I'm a master take-it-aparter, but then I just look at it and don't know what to look for. Putting it back together is always a challenge so I have not attempted with the TW.

    Any suggestions or diagnoses? I'm in SLC, UT if anyone knows of an "honest" mechanic.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I was a little disappointed to see no replies to this thread. I don't know anything about carb cleaning, but figure I better learn. I completely understand the anxiety of riding into a motorcycle service center without "some" knowledge of why you're there. I always wonder if I'm being taken advantage of. Not three weeks ago, I took my '04 Frontier to the Nissan dealer for a recall repair on the steering column. Yesterday, I received a post card from them in the mail that indicated my tires were given a courtesy inspection and that they were worn and I should call for an appointment to replace them. Ok, the tires on my truck are only a few months old and still have all the tits on them, thank you very much.

    Do they really think I am THAT stupid?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
    ...Do they really think I am THAT stupid?

    The original poster stated, "I know nothing when it comes to fixing stuff."

    My advice would be to remove the carb and take it to a Yamaha dealer to clean. Call around first, and ask for the cost. It was about $80. US when I checked two dealers last year.

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    Somehow I missed this thread. I expect a nearby Tdubber could be conjoled into providing a carb cleaning lesson for you in exchange for cold beer, steak dinner, etc. There are several in the SLC area.

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