Just found this in my Carb
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    I just found this gasket covered in corrosion at the float bowl. The float bowl area itself was immaculate. It looked brand new inside, what I am wondering is if this gasket could be the cause of the inconsistency I have seen in the way my engine runs.

    Or should I keep looking at the carb (I ask this because I can't seem to get the float off.)

    The corrosion covers all sides.

    2001 TW

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    I'd keep digging. If it wasn't leaking gas then I'd say the gasket isn't your issue.

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    Be sure to follow the manual / and the supplement's guidance as to dis-assembly. The pins that hold the float mechanism in place is pretty fragile and will easily break the carb body if not handled properly. Down load the manual and supplement. Print them if necessary. Get the carb working in stock form before you start "improving it". Lot's of pinned instructions with PICTURES on carb work, so read and head the advice.
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    Something that has always worked for me to get that pin out is automatic center punch. You can buy one at harbor freight for 3 bucks right now. Just make sure you are pushing the pin out the right direction.


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    Yeah, the pin on this carb seems to come out one way much easier than the other. And definitely be gentle to avoid breaking the posts. I use a tiny allen wrench and just push through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetzombiejesus View Post
    ...(I ask this because I can't seem to get the float off.)
    This might help you remove the float:


    I would replace the gasket even if it wasn't leaking. It may not seal when you reassemble the carb.

    The gasket should look like this. Make sure the flat side with the ridge is facing up,

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    I dont think thats corrosion on the gasket, its more likly a mixture of varnish and the crap that precipitates out of todays gas and it was probably keeping the bowl from leaking.

    If you decide to do a carb dip be aware there is a rubber seal on the controle arm end of the butterfly shaft and a plastic bushing on the other plugged end that will need to be removed before dipping or they will be destroyed, these parts are not shown on any of the parts diagrams I,ve seen.


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    Check your carb vent tubes.

    I've seen two TW200's have issues because of this:

    My buddie's had a plugged tube and caused it to start leaking fuel out of the carb.

    Mine just recently had a plugged tube and started starving it on medium to heavy throttle, causing erratic popping and surging. Easy check. And since our bikes are low, mud and debris can easilly plug the vent tubes since they hang down by the swing arm...

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