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Thread: tappin/ticking at idle

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    I think the TWs in the video were set to the center or the loose end of the spec because his is more consistent than mine (and yours, from the sounds of it). His starts inconsistent and then gets pretty regular after it warms up a bit more. Mine's set at the tight end and stays inconsistent after it's fully warm. It's tempting to set them a shade tighter than spec, then if it's gone I'll know for sure it's valve clearance...but then you're risking burning valve or seat....so...
    According to the work orders that came with mine, the dealer used 20w50 Yamalube each service. Not sure why, we don't live in an area that would be called a hot climate. Just because I'm me, I changed it as soon as I got it so I can't say if it would have been quiet with 20w50.....I'm using 10w40 Lucas semi-synthetic.

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    Just picked up a TW in the fall. I had it in for service last week with just over 1000km on it for oil change valve adjustment and carb tuning [it was running really lean]. When I got it back it started this exact same sound. Is there any answers yet? I think I might take it back to the dealer for another look.

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    A lesson to be learned here is if one notes or records relevant baseline specs on their bike before turning it over to a mechanic then one can refer back to the original status. For example had valve lash been measured in a relatively acceptable quite engine before engine became noisy then comparisons and corrections could be made.
    It is relatively easy to measure valve lash, and only marginally more difficult to then adjust if necessary.
    If owners like farming out maintenance then inspecting and understanding the bike still remains important in order to have productive interactions with dealerships and/or motorcycle mechanics. The more you know...
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    I did check the valve lash at about 800km before a big run my brother and I did and adjusted accordingly into spec. Exhaust valve was set to 0.005 [when checked before adjustment it was.002] intake valve was in spec. I ran an additional 200km before sending the bike into dealer for a lean condition I discovered when inspecting the spark plug. I was informed by the dealer when I was in looking for jets that any adjustments to the carb would void any warenty so I left it to them. They offered the service on my bike and since it was in there I decided to have them do it. I have lots of experience working on my own bikes and cars and even more working on customers. I have done lots of valve adjustments even a few on aircraft. I’ve even discussed the ticking issue with several very knowledgeable mechanics and we were all puzzled by the inconsistency of the sound.
    Now you know the rest of the story.
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    The question was has any one found out the source of the issue the rest was Irrelevant it appears it doesn’t mater who touches the bike, the noise appears on its own and goes unanswered. I am very concerned that damage was caused to the engine based on how white the spark plug was and how lean the bike was running. I also suspected that the exhaust valve wouldn’t have fully closed with such little clearances under normal operating tempetures. I didn’t expect to see these things on a new bike. All of these concerns I brought up with the dealer.
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    Has anyone had this issue go away With carb jetting? Yamaha believes it’s enginine pinging

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    Even new, TWs (and many other air-cooled singles) have relatively noisy valves. I believe my 89 had @ 4,500 miles when I did this before and after valve adjustment video. The older TWs have manual camchain adjusters, so this video also includes that adjustment.

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    I am completely new to this video uploading thing so I hope this works here is the ticking that has caught me off guard I have double checked valve clearances brought exhaust valve to 0.004 of an inch checked oil levels checked the galley screw adjusted the idle screw to 1520rpm and filled her with fresh gas. No change so far. It’s going into the dealer tomorrow for another look.

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    so im getting the same tick as your video. do you think maybe something to do with the drive shaft that connects the small sprocket to the engine? also i bought a 2003 with 900 miles on it. no service till me. ran some sea foam threw it due to it being sluggish then when i bought it. since then the ticking started. Adjusted valves today. still the tick runs way better tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyno241 View Post
    So ive gotten a new to me 700 mile tw200, 2002. Ive got a ticking/tapping at idle only when warm, checked valve adjustment, cam chain tensioner, no metal in the oil, correct oil filter, oil coming from the check plugs. Its a sort of intermittant tick tick tick, then a few cycles of no ticking, then tick tick tick. ive found some similar posts, some saying its normal, some saying its not, but no solutions. Cant post links to posts right now due to post count but if the mods agree to it ill post and break up the url's.
    heard many tw's with a lot more miles than mine not making this noise, so anyone who has had it and found a cause, some help would be appreciated! thanks
    FWIW...my first TW (2001) was quiet as a sewing machine when I'd first start her up.
    If she was good and hot...from trail riding or whatever...and I would stop for a beverage or to take some pics, I would shut her down. A few minutes later, when I re-started her, she would be normal, but then after about 15 seconds would make a hellish racket of taps and ticks that would last from 5 to 20 seconds and then stop.
    At first, this scared the bejeebers out of me, but most participants here would reassure me that it was somewhat normal and that these were "noisy" engines ("A sack of spanners" I recall someone saying...) and eventually I got used to it.
    It never got louder...it never changed...and it was as predictable as the sunrise. I learned to expect it and live with it.
    I sold that TW with over 45000 km (yes...forty five thousand) on it and it is still running today.
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