2003 TW Running Hot?
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    Well I finally was able to get my TW200R that I bought and stored last fall, out, running and on the road.

    Went over the entire thing, pulled the carb, cleaned, changed oil, etc etc.

    Went for several rides and it seem that its running hot to me. I did clean and bead blast the

    plug when I first took it out, but a week later and its still white vs tan. I do have an 8ES

    plug in it, perhaps I should try a colder plug.

    I see there is no external fuel air mixture screw on this cab to adjust, else I would go richer.

    I dont sense any overheating or fading while running, engine case see pretty hot to me.

    I am new to the TW overall but have some BW200 that are mostly getting wet when I ride those

    so engine heat was never noticed.

    Any thought appreciated.


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    The idle mixture screw is hidden under a soft plug on the underside of the carb. Most guys report good results with it in the neighborhood of 2 1/2 turns out from fully seated as a starting point on the later CV carbs like yours.

    If you're running white do the usual checks for manifold leaks, etc. and if none are found it may be time to rejet.

    Your neck of the woods is so close to sea level that you should have a lot of latitude for main jet increases. Very few have ever found the need to up the pilot jet.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    my plug is real light colored in my 09, dealer recommended a 130 main jet when i bought the bike. my motor sounds like it's pinging almost all the time but the bike runs smooth. took it in to the dealer at 600 miles, they did a valve adjust which changed nothing and stated the noise wasn't normal but lots of the tw's have the noise in them. They also told me that yamaha won't pay them for exploratory work to find problems and i would have to pay if i wanted them to try to fix the noise. I guess when it blows up i'll get rid of it
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    A bad plug will make it run hot. Before you do anything drastic try a stock new one.

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