Do You Feel the Need for Another Wrench & Ride?
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Thread: Do You Feel the Need for Another Wrench & Ride?

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    Do You Feel the Need for Another Wrench & Ride?

    Hey guys,

    It is hard to believe, but it has been over a year and half since our last Wrench & Ride. That is way too long! It would be great to get the old gang together again, and maybe welcome some new members. How about Saturday, November 11?

    Who's in?


    Here are the past Wrench & Rides:

    SF Bay Area TW Tech Day - "Wrench & Ride" - January 25, 2014
    Second "Wrench & Ride" TW Tech Day - March 15

    Third Wrench & (probably no) Ride - TW Tech Day - July 12

    Fourth Wrench & Ride - TW Tech Day - November 29

    Any Interest in Another Wrench & Ride - SF Bay Area TW Tech Day - May 2?
    Wrench & Ride & "Test Ride" - TW Tech Day - Sat. Oct. 3
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    norcal nutjob
    i'm in san diego at a wedding that weekend.... (but free the next )
    i do want to see our 226's side by side
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    Brian I'd really like to come down and instal my kicker on the TW. I'll be out of town that weekend but the following weekend is ok also.
    "meet me in the creek"

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    Due to popular demand, I have changed the date from November 4 to November 11.

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    This sounds like it would be a great way to spend a day, but seeing Google maps tells me the drive is 2,911 miles I am going to have to take a pass and wait for something a little closer. And to be honest just about anything else would be closer! lol
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    I would like to attend to meet some other TW riders.
    Unfortunately I work Saturdays.

    But, I will follow this post to see where the event will be and see if I can get some (more) time off.
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    San Jose, CA
    If the stars align properly I will be there.

    I want to try re-torquing some head bolts of TW's with leaking base gaskets.

    If it is sunny and kind of warm I will ride my 5 speed 214cc TW and we can do a heads up comparison with 6 speed 226's. You know, a "wrench and race".

    If not I will be in the car.
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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Just getting a chance to see some of TW-Brian’s impressive TW fleet would be great. Inspecting the trailer wheel conversion close up ranks up there with seeing a pair of Big Bore TWs parade up and down the street. Impressive as usual Brian, however I probably won’t make this wrench-n-ride once again.
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    Sounds like fun! maybe we can order up some pizzas from good local pizza joint. Just wrote it on calendar. Probably be driving car in. Don't really like riding my Tw in traffic. (crazy bay area drivers....)
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    You guys Rock.
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