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Thread: Fast blinkers

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    So I recently installed an aftermarket integrated led tail light. At first I didn't hook up the grounds for each individual turn signal because there wasn't a wire. The signals were blinking fast, as if a bulb was blown, I figured it was because I didn't hook up the grounds.

    I went over it tonight and tied the signal grounds into the 1 ground for the tail light, still blinking as if I have a blown bulb. Any ideas on how to stop it?

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    I am no electrician, but from what I've read LED bulbs use less juice so the bike will think they are out and will blink fast. Theres some resistor thingy that you can put inline that will solve the problem. I've also heard that a heavy-duty flasher will solve it.

    Hopefully someone else with more info will chime in.
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    The led bulbs at autoilumination or superbrightled dot com might be internally regulated so they blink properly. Otherwise they don't pull enough energy so the blinker box thingy thinks the bulb is blown. Otherwise you need to wire a flasher relay/load resistor inline going to the bulbs.

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    As I remember, my brother had the same problem. He took his flasher to the auto parts and asked for an LED flasher. They had one to fit for a reasonable price. I know there are flashers that don't rely on the resistance in the circuit. I guess it depends how knowledgeable your parts person is about these.
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    Do we have a special sections for part #'s and prices for "thingies". Hehaheehehahahaheheh.. OMM.

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    Using resistors, at $12 each, one for each bulb, is kind of stupid. resistors simply make the LED install draw as much wattage as the stock bulb, obliterating any advantage in electrical power conservation. The added complexity of a LED/resistor installation cuts sufficiently into durability to show little advantage over the stock bulb. Forget resistors--sorry excuses for not doing the install correctly in the first place.

    Best solution: Ride to the auto parts store, pop the right side cover, pull the flasher (turn the signals on and listen/feel for the part that that's clicking), take it inside and ask for a replacement that is LED compatible/not load sensitive/electronic, plug the new flasher in, replace the side cover, and forget about it. No tools/splicing/rigging required.

    If the counterperson cannot hand you the correct replacement flasher, find a different store because that one sucks.

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