Compatible gearbox parts
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    Hello, need a little help about compatible parts.

    It seems I have 3-rd gear damaged. Bike starts jerking if I try to drive evenly on the 3-rd step: it feels like the engine loses contact frequently (with engine sound going high-pitched and acceleration gone for a momnt with every jerk). Sometimes it even roars with low-to-no acceleration. I try not to use 3-rd step at all for now... But it seems I need repairs.

    So... What gears should I look for? There's very little information about Yamaha TW in Russia... =(

    And I cannot find such info in Main Manual or Owner's Manual.

    PS: I have TW225E, year 2002 exactly -- if that makes any difference...

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    I don't "think" you will have any issue with gear compatibility, but that is my guess and will need to be confirmed by a more experienced member. One way to find out for sure would be to go to a Yamaha website and pull up the part number for 3ed gear. Now check multiple years and hope that the numbers are all the same this is a good indicator that the parts should be compatible.


    Good luck........... Gerry (you might want to send a "personal message to one of these guys)
    Take care my Friend.........

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    mrgizmow, thank you!

    I will check the links!

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