gearbox problems!
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Thread: gearbox problems!

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    gearbox problems!

    A guy offered me his 225 cheap because he said there was something wrong with the gearbox, i found this......
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    How cheap is cheap?

    I wish someone would off me a 225 cheap!
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    Senior Member supachip1's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    He is asking roughly 450$,
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    And it's only a bad sprocket... gee whiz
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    You better talk him down on the price. Way too high with a bad sprocket like this. I'm joking sort of. If that's all that's wrong with it you better jump on it. However, there are hints of not being well taken care of or cleaned by the condition (dirt/grime/oils) on the sprocket. I ride off-pavement a lot and my sprockets are at least cleaner. Plus, with a sprocket in this condition, he would have noticed some other noises...for quite a while.

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    what year and model is it? what do you want to do with it?
    are you planning for a motor swap?

    the xt/ttr225 motor was a 6 spd for most of the run, but somewhere mid 2000's the cylinder was a different coating and the gearbox was a 5spd. some parts a swappable onto our bike like the rear brake cam lever, xt225 tank, front fender, header pipe...

    $450 for a whole bike is a great price, but it's just a boat anchor if you don't plan a motor swap or parting it out for profit.
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    I suspect this is going to turn out to be a TW225 ....
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    Just flip the sprocket over & it may grab for another 50 miles or so . Lol
    KIDDING !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    I suspect this is going to turn out to be a TW225 ....
    What he said!
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    Senior Member supachip1's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    yes TW225, the guy said it makes a banging noise and he had to push it into the shop. it must have been slipping for a while..but he kept going!

    i was thinking of $300, so might meet him 1/2 way!

    i have serviced it now, removed both side casings and everything inside is all nice and clean, there wasnt much oil in it.

    new gaskets, clutch springs, front wheel bearings, brake pads, tyres, 2 indicators and thats the parts needed, rest is paint work and cosmetic

    i imagine they were all nice n good condition when they came in from Japan but after few years neglect on the Island they soon deteriorate. They were all imported around 2000-2005

    i'm only really interested because its a 225, so i know its not that old.

    with the sand on the roads and the salt air the bike here dont last, frames rot out pretty quickly because they are never washed, add to the the lack of originlal spare parts, unskilled mechanics and lack of interest by owner to spend money minimal fixes are done to get people from A to B..B=bar, you can see by the state of the tyres.

    i think some of you would cry at the condition of some TW's here

    * thats rust in the gas, after draining out the tank!!

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