Removing the rear tire
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    I am getting ready to remove the rear tire to replace the sprocket and chain. What do you use to jack up the bike so you can get the tire off the ground?

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    I used this for a couple years...

    ...until my birthday last year. I love this jack. Well worth the money.

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    milk crate shimmed with 2x4s

    edit: not a smart way to do it...its quite unstable..
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    a regular floor jack up under the (new more rugged) skid plate with the kickstand down will raise the rear tire up yet still keep the bike fairly stable, I've found.


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    I use my Monsterbrace inspired from MrGizmo's crutch stand. It works great and can be taken with you!
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    I used to place two jackstands (one on either side) and use a long crowbar. Pass the bar underneath the swingarm junction and place the far end into the first jackstand...then holding the bike steady, I would lift up on the bar and then place the close-end into the other jackstand. It doesn't have to be very high...just an inch or so off the ground. The advantage is that the bike seems a bit more stable than being on a crutch-stand. That way if you need to wrestle with the axle or adjuster cams, you don't have to worry about the bike tipping sideways!

    I also use a variation of the crutch-stand easier on other tasks like chain adjustment!
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    I put a 2X6 or two under the kick stand and then lift the bike up against that until I can get enough blocks underneath the skid plate. Helps if the front tire is against the curb to stop it rolling. It's such a light machine compared to my old bikes I really enjoy that such a thing is possible!

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    i just set a jack-stand with a rag on it on one the right side, then tilt the bike over onto it, and slide a jack-stand under the left side of the swing-arm.

    i used a milk crate a few times, but found the jack-stands to be easier and more stable.

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    I guess I am one of the silly few who actually bought a bike stand. Align it up under the swing arm, and cam it up. Solid, works great.

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