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    I just got this 87 TW200, seller telling me it was in mint condition. Well, now, sometimes, not all the time, when i give the bike gas it just dies out. I, and the seller, thought it might be the carburetor needing to be cleaned. I cleaned the needle and shot carb cleaner all over it and into the airflow while running last night and it sill doesn't work right. I've never worked on a bike before, but i want to get this figured out. Thanks...

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    I'm not the expert here but until one show up this is what I'd do:

    When the bike dies like that, be ready with your screwdriver and check to see if you can get fuel flowing out of the drain screw. If there is no fuel, you probably need to clean the carb.

    If fuel flows freely, you might still need to clean the carb! But, it is possible that it could be an electrical problem. From the description I'd work on the fuel side first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpalombo View Post
    I've never worked on a bike before

    This is the red flag. Carb work will make two piles of people: those that fix it, and those that open their wallets and hand it to someone else. There are plenty of resources on here for cleaning the carb, so get familiar with them or get more money.

    What I can tell you to consider is that your bike is an '87, which is the first year, and has a CDI unit unique to that year I believe. They are known to be problematic, so don't rule that out as the issue. Second, all TW's prior to 2001 used a different carburetor than those on current models. The carbs themselves are interchangeable, but the parts they're made of are not. I'm not sure if there's a tutorial for the older style carb on here, but read up on cleaning first. You're definitely not the first (or last) to have this exact problem.

    As well, congratulations on the bike you'll love.

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    Oh no, not another 87 with troubles... There have been so many this year..

    The tdub first came out in 87 and came with a weak charging system, cdi's that have a mind of their own. discontinued parts and many other one offs that are not interchangeable with other years.

    Some here with 87's have a parts bike to use for spares..

    Some 87 carb tuning tips http://tw200forum.co...5/ShowPost.aspx

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