Replacement Battery, You get what you pay for
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Thread: Replacement Battery, You get what you pay for

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    Replacement Battery, You get what you pay for

    I took a gamble on this one....... a very small gamble. I'll see how it works out, luckily I have a kick starter it doesn't.

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    I bought a pair of similar batteries for myself and as a gift for a friend. His still works 3 years later. Mine died within 10 days seemingly from an internal short. I had trickle charged both at 500mA overnight when they first arrived so I do not think I abused mine. Luck of the draw perhaps?
    Wishing better good luck to Ebbanflood.
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    Thanks Fred. The battery that I'm replacing reads 0.0 volts and refuses to take a charge. The bike started on the second kick with the dead one so I'm not asking much from the new battery.

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    I bought a similar AGM battery a couple years ago. Still going strong.

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    That’s not fair, I don’t have a kick starter (yet) so I have to buy expensive batteries that I know will work. Hope it works for you.
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    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishguy View Post
    I bought a similar AGM battery a couple years ago. Still going strong.
    I also picked one up at Walmart four years ago and still going.
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    My Walmart version is going strong as well. Left the lights on about 30 minutes this fall (accidentally). The bike wouldn't start, but I was on a hill and bump started. Worked perfect since. From what I have read, if it works out of the box, they seem to last fairly well. I plan to add an AGM to the DR350 this spring.
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    I love AGM batteries but never used one in a MC. I have a few kayaks with trolling motors that require large deep cycle marine batteries for me to motor and fish all day. The standard lead acid batteries do fine but most only last a couple of years. I broke down and paid up for a VMax Tank AGM battery and it is 4 years old now and still going strong. Some say I could get 10 years out of it but since I paid a bit over $200 for it as opposed to the $100 lead acid ones I am already winning having gotten 4 trouble free years with it. A big plus with the AGM is I can lay it on it's side or even up side down with no worries and in a kayak I don't have the luxury of space.

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    Yeah Gary, the larger AGM's get expensive in a hurry. I have the gel battery in my 1150 GS and they are usually good for 5 years. I tend to change that one at any sign of trouble since there is no kicker and it is a beast to bump start.

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    I changed the OEM battery on my 2007 Ural in 2016. It didn't die but I could tell it was tasking itself when using the electric starter (Ural is still a kickstart bike). I still use it as a shop battery.
    I changed the battery on my 1999 Softail in 2013 just before I sold it. It was marked "installed in 2003" so 10 years of service. Again like the Ural battery it was just getting "tired". I gave this to a friend and he is still using it. They must be making these things a lot better because it was always the norm that 3-4 years was it!
    Both were kept on "Battery Tender Plus" chargers. Both were Yuasa though the Harley was branded "Harley" and the Ural was branded "Polaris".
    Both were/are AGM. Bought the same as replacements for about $100.00 each. I could not justify the cost of Lithium when these AGM's work so well.
    As far as going with the "almost like" cheap alternative... I don't need the added excitement of getting away with battery Russian-roulette.
    Plenty of other things will come up just around the bend of life. If there is a deal that seems too good to be true... it usually is.

    I'd recommend this to anyone as a replacement but also to anyone that has a "wet" battery in their TW. I believe they still come stock that way?

    They do come somewhat charged but who knows how long they have been sitting on the shelf before you get it. They recommend charging outside the bike for 10-14 hours before installation.
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