Reading Yamaha Part Numbers
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    I did a couple of searches and didn't find any prior post on this subject - if there is one, I apologize for the redundancy.

    I've noticed that there are a lot of parts for different models that use the same numbers, except the first three digits. This is true of parts that I KNOW are the same between one model year and another. I suspected that the first three digits are not of particular importance, except that there might be a minor mounting change model to model. Where this becomes important is when a part has been discontinued for one model (ie 1987 BW200 cdi) but a part with the same part number (except the first three digits) is still available for another model (ie 1987 TW200 cdi).

    Here is how to read Yamaha part numbers:

    Understanding the structure of Yamaha Part Numbers

    Excerpts from the Foreword to the Yamaha parts

    catalog for the 1981 XJ 750 RH Seca (5G2)

    1. How to read the Yamaha Part Number

    A. Factory OEM parts are divided into two general categories: General Parts and Interchangeable


    B. General Parts – Refers to parts manufactured for one or more specific Yamaha models (i.e.:

    pistons, crankcases, fuel tanks etc.). This twelve-digit part number structure is as follows:

    000-00000-00-00. Due to the amount of new parts being added to Yamaha’s system, and the lack of available

    numerals for the assigning of new part numbers, it has become necessary to use an alphanumerical

    system in the numbering of new parts. An «X» within the part number structure of

    the General Parts group indicates a position in which a letter may be used in place of a

    number. For example: XX0-X000X-X0-X0.

    The group breakdown of the general part number structure is:

    1. Model Code Number Data: XX0-X000X-X0-X0 -- The first three digits within the general part number structure are model designation numbers. Within this three-digit group, two numbers may be replaced with letters.

    The major portion of letter substitution will occur with the second position of this three-digit group (i.e.: 0X0-00000-00-00). This letter has no other significance other than model identification. The model identification indicates the original model in which the part was used, i.e.:

    1A0-00000-00-00 Identifies RD 400 model

    2A0-00000-00-00 Identifies XS 400 D model

    3A0-00000-00-00 Identifies GS 340 model

    2. Basic part number data: XX0-X000X-X0-X0

    The second group of five digits is the actual parts group identification number (i.e. 11631 -

    piston; 11311 - cylinder etc.). A «W» substituted in the first position of this five-digit group

    (000-W0000-00-00) indicates a factory assembled kit which differs in content from the

    original assembly used in production (i.e. 2M0-W0046-00-00 – Rear Break Pad Ass’y). The

    first three digits of this five-digit group (000-XXX00-00-00)indicates the general sections and

    areas of the models. The fourth and fifth digits of this group (000-000XX-00-00) indicates

    the specific part within these general sections and areas. In the case of number overflow, a

    letter will be substituted in the fifth digit position of this five-digit group (i.e. 1T4-2814A-00-

    00 – Wire Tool).

    3. Design Code Number Data: XX0-X000X-X0-X0

    The ninth and tenth digits of the part number indicates differences, corrections or

    modifications to the original part number. The ninth digit position (000-00000-X0-00) may

    be substituted with a letter. This position indicates variations thet may exist within a specific

    item, i.e.

    1J7-12169-A1-00 – Pad Adjust

    1J7-12169-E1-00 – Pad Adjust

    1J7-12169-F1-00 – Pad Adjust

    The tenth digit of the part number (000-00000-0X-00) indicates the number of times the

    design of the part has been changed.

    4. Color or finish Code Data: XX0-X000X-X0-X0

    The last two digits of th epart number will indicate the finish or color of the item if

    applicable. In this latest group, only the eleventh digit may be replaced with a letter (i.e. 1T4-

    24785-00-U8 – Seat Moulding)

    C. Interchangeable parts - These part numbers always begin with the number «9» and are divided into three sections. The first two sections contain five digits each, with the remaining two digits in the last

    section. The following is a breakdown of the interchangeable part numbers:

    9 00 00 00000 00 Major classification Type Material/surface finish Shape/size zeros to make 12 digits

    At this time, a letter may be substituted in two positions on interchangeable part numbers:

    1. Type/kind code: 9X000-00000-00 With the large amount of new types and kinds of interchangeable parts, it will be necessary to replace this with a letter in some cases.

    2. Shape/size: 90000-000X0-00 In the case of bearings, the last two digits of the second group of five digits indicates the registration (identification) number of that bearing. Because of the large amount of new

    bearings being developed, the ninth position of the part number (90000-000X0-00) may be

    replaced with a letter (i.e. 93310-422E6-00 – Bearing, Big End).

    D. Part number sequence [This only relates to finding parts in the price list and is of no importance today]

    2. How to use this parts list

    A. Except for steel balls (ball sizes are indicated in inches) all parts are indicated in millimeters

    as in the following examples: Hose (rubber or vinyl) Inside diameter - length, O-ring Section area - inside diameter

    Washer, shim, collar Inside diameter - outside diameter Thickness (length)

    B. Parts supplied in the form of sub-assemblies are identified by an indentation of one letter

    space, and the description is preceded by a dot (.). If 2 main assemblies are listed, each

    different yet having the same basic description (i.e. left and right sides of the same assembly),

    one will immediately follow the other. If each of these main assemblies is made up of almost

    the same components, these component parts will be listed immediately under the second

    main assembly line and will be indicated as noted above.

    If the component is the same for both assemblies, the quantity indicated will be the total

    required. If the component is not the same for both main assemblies, the quantity for each

    separate item will be listed separately.


    Description Q’ty

    Carburetor ass’y, left 1

    Carburetor ass’y, right 1

    . Jet, pilot 2

    . Nozzle. main 2


    .Lever, starter, left 1

    .Lever, starter right 1

    C. Keys to symbols

    U.R Use size (thickness) and/or number as required

    U.N. Use as many as you need

    T Number of teeth in a gear

    V Voltage for light bulbs

    S «S» type oil seal or «S» type circlip

    SD, SO, SW «SD, «SO» or «SW» type oil seal

    E, R «E» or « R» type circlip

    F/No. Frame No. (Applicable machine no.)

    D. Basis for determining Right and Left in Relation to Parts

    Right or left is determinated by the rider facing toward the front of the machine.

    E. Superseded part numbers

    1. If part «A» has been superseded by part «B» and bot «A» and «B» are interchangeable, the

    superseding part number (part «B» will appear in the part number listing with the superseded

    part number (part «A») appearing in parenthesis immediately following the description.


    Ref no. Part no. Description Q’ty

    (Part «B») (Part «A»)

    8 123-45678-00-00 Cylinder (111-12345-00-00) 1

    2. If part «A» is a substitution of part «B», and parts «A» and «B» are both available in stock,

    part «A» will appear first in the part number listing and part «B» will appear directly under

    part «A». When the stock is depleted on part «A», the computer will automatically ship part



    Ref no. Part no. Description Q’ty

    8 123-45678-00-00 Cylinder 1

    111-12345-00-00 Cylinder (111-12345-00-00) 1

    3. If a part is no longer available, the part number will appear in the part number listing in

    parenthesis and N/A (no longer available) will appear in the remarks column directly to the

    right of the entry.


    Ref no. Part no. Description Q’ty

    8 (111-12345-00-00) Cylinder 1 N/A

    4. A part that has been superseded to a kit may be identified by a 99999-00000 part number

    appearing in the part number column. The old superseded part number will appear in

    parenthesis immediately following the description. Listed directly below the 99999 part

    number will be those parts making up the kit. The description of the parts making up the kit

    will be preceded by a small black dot (.) and the description will be indented one letter space.


    Ref no. Part no. Description Q’ty

    8 99999-12345-00 Cylinder (111-12345-00-00) 1

    234-56789-00-00 . Head, cylinder 1

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    This is good info. Thank you for the work. I'm downloading this page.
    The value of the internet is that when you're wrong someone will immediately correct you, and when you're right, someone will immediately correct you". Lizrdbrth

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