Changed Airbox to Carburetor Boot
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Thread: Changed Airbox to Carburetor Boot

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    Changed Airbox to Carburetor Boot

    Hey guys,

    I finally changed the airbox to carburetor boot with the 125cc one, it seems to be just slightly longer (few millimeters) and the shape of the part where it connects to the carburetor is way better than my original one, it fits very snug and feels very secure
    I wanted to change the carburetor to engine boot too with the 125 one which is way way longer but it is soo long that it compress the airbox to carburetor one in a very bad and chocked shape (it started almost to "crack" the Surface of the rubber) and also it pushed the cabruretor almost into the top frame of the bike and it has bad clearance with the airbox to engine air pipe (the carburetor of the 125 infact is quite shorter than mine one)

    Anyway now I need to carefully chekc again the pilot screw to make sure no "too rich" situations are in progress and it will be great again (I assume a maximum of closing 1/4 of a turn)
    The original boot had on top the label 2JY, the new one is like 5CX or similar, so it is from the 125 parts I purchased, feel quite happy about this to be honest, like "feeling more secure"
    Everything is very snug and fits so perfectly, really
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    That's good to know! I was afraid the intake diameter would be different at the carb.

    It's always nice to know what parts from other bikes can be used!
    Now I must hurry on... for there they go, and I am their leader!

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