Hey folks, need some help with a 2000 TW200, that's not charging bat. Rectifier checks out good, swapped it with one from friends that I know to be working... have cleaned EVERY connection twice. It's internment though chronic event, i.e. for a short time it will charge at 14.5, drop to to 11.7, go up to 13.7 etc. GURRR. Seems it's a bad connection. My manual is not color coded to my year. Question ... I have 3 white wires coming from the Generator [ red wire to battery + . Diagram shows that the 3 whites are, 1 as a ground and 2 from the output of the GEN. I show no continuity from any of the 3 to ground? Nor does my pals bike??? Wazzup with that. Can someone tell me which of the 3 white connector pins going to the GEN. [through the case] is the ground wire? AND.. why can't I find the grounded wire with any meter I use on my bike or friends with continuity?

I haven't had it running and checked for a ground wire, I Will do that but it seems to be grasping at straws, which is where I'm now at now. Any suggestions will be most appreciated ... Our rainy season is drawing to a close here in N.Fla. The mud holes in the swamps will soon be dry. HELP !! I'm wilting on the vine. )